How whole food and exercise healed me

Like what you are seeing here?

Eating wholesome food and exercising is a longevity to life”, at least that’s what my dad says, anyway. I didn’t believe until I had to figure it out myself.

I had to object his theory because I had always been a rebel child. You know how it goes as a teenager.

We migrated to the U.S. from Nepal, so eating out was/is minimum in my household. My parents always taught us, we should eat home cooked meal daily.

I had to follow that rule for as long as I lived in the house. Eventually, everything changed once I went to college.

Going to college opened a whole new world for me. New friends, new freedom, responsibilities, parties, and much more became part of my life.

My habit changed slowly.

I ate out at least 2 times a day and barely cooked anything. As a student, money was an issue, so I would buy junk food over healthy food. More bang for your bucks.

Partying every weekend was the norm. I waited for Fridays to hit, so I could become a wild child.

This trend continued for 2 years. I would either want to go out, or my friends would pressure me into.

Was it my friends fault then?

NO, I don’t blame my friends for introducing me to this lifestyle. They are an amazing people, and most of us are still friends till this date.

Bad eating habit and consumption of alcohol had altered my body in a way I never thought was possible.

How everything changed!

It was Saturday afternoon; I was busy doing my assignment, so I could go out at night.

Suddenly, I felt this tingly sensation on left side of my body. It felt like a needle was poking me everywhere. I thought it wasn’t something I had to worry about, so I didn’t care much.

Before I could do anything, the pain got worse as the time went by. I couldn’t feel half of my body, and my joints felt so numb.

Numbness and joint pain would move from one side of the body to another, and sometimes I wasn’t able to hold a pen in my hand.

I was scared as hell!! I wouldn’t want to tell anyone because I thought they would judge me.

What could be wrong with me at such an early age?

Though I was scared, I went to the doctor. After all kinds of tests including blood, urine, x-ray, everything came out normal.

In front of my doc’s eye, I had no issue, but that was far from the truth. Without being able to live with this pain, I went on complete research mode.

I was studying biomedical engineering so I guess that ease the process of understanding human biology.

After several days of research…

I cut out all the process food and chemicals from my diet. I cooked more often or would eat a salad if I were to eat out.

I slowly began to exercise as well. What started from 15 min of walk continued to be 1 to 2 hours of run.

After several months of getting back to my root, minimizing process food to zero, cutting back on alcohol, and exercising daily helped me heal. All my symptoms vanished, and I was able to leave a normal life.

I wasn’t overweight or anything, so it was definitely not the weight issue. Just because you look physically fit do not mean you are healthy inside out.

I believe I was nutrient deprived, so my body couldn’t function to its optimal potential. Lots of us believe in calorie in = calorie out thermodynamic. We think as long as we eat based on our daily Macros, we can eat anything. This is far from true, and I’m a living proof of that.

Micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) are an essential component of our well-being. Wholesome food has healing property, you and I can’t understand unless we research and educate ourselves.

I’m where I’m because of exercise and healthy food.

Until this day, I work out and eat healthy food. I have been able to reverse my condition and keep it off for good.

Next time, when you are trying to go on a diet realize that there is no quick fix. You have to eat a balanced diet for your longevity.

Had I listened to my dad, I wouldn’t have had to suffer. Then, without that experience, I wouldn’t have been me. I wouldn’t have gotten this opportunity to educate others not to repeat the same thing.

If you felt touched in any way with my story and want to change your health for good, come join me in my private FB group and get support.

We focus on creating a better you, while loving you the way you are right now. Hope to see you inside. Take the right action toward creating better lives 🙂



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