3 Major benefits of drinking enough water in a day

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Did you know the human body is roughly 60% water by weight? That means our body is made of 60% water.

Thus, it’s very important to make sure we are drinking enough water in a day.

3 Benefits of drinking water

Water for longevity

Water for longevity

1. Keeps you Hydrated

Whether you are moving around doing household work, doing intense activities like lifting heavy, running, or staying outside in hot weather you are loosing water. That can cause many problems such as your organs not being able to do their job properly, feeling fatigue, binge eating and more.

This is why it’s very important to drink enough water throughout the day.

2. Water helps flush out unnecessary toxin from our body

We live in such a world where there is pollution everywhere. We breathe in non-filtered air. We consume processed food with lots of toxins. We take an alcoholic drink or soft drink that’s filled with added chemicals.

This makes our internal machine work extra hard to remove harmful substance from our body and water can expedite the process by flushing them through our urine.

3. Promotes weight loss


This is everyone’s concern isn’t it? We are always trying to find an easy way to lose weight. Here you have it; It can’t get easier than this. At least the right way wise.

Sometimes we mistakenly think that we are hungry when we are just thirsty. Making sure to drink enough water will make you want to eat less which adds to weight loss.

If you drink a glass of water 20 min before your meal time then you are less likely eat more.

remember Calorie deficit = weight loss

But water doesn’t taste good you say

I know how you feel, but lucky you don’t have to drink plain old water anymore. You can take water to the next level by adding citrus fruits, berries, mints, or whatever fruits or herbs you desire.

These elements don’t only add flavor to your water but provide lots of antioxidants and vitamins that your body needs.

Detox water recipes

there are so many options to make you overwhelm. You might not know where to start from so I have made you simple detox water recipes. You can get it from here.

Detox Water Recipies

  • This detox water recipe pdf includes 4 different ways of drinking water.
  • A pocket sheet for easy access
  • It’s so easy and takes you about 1 min to make them
  • Plus it will ensure you drink plenty of water in a day
  • Best of all it tastes so good and refreshing with zero added calories

Click here to get infused water recipes

If you try any of my recipes let me know what you think.

What topic should I cover next? all ideas and feedback are welcome!

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