Do you let outside circumstances dictate your feelings?

Like what you are seeing here?

Heyy there, beautiful ladies!

It’s been awhile since I have written a post for you.

I hope things are great at your end. I’m always this jolly and optimistic person but that doesn’t mean life doesn’t hit me in the face from time-to-time.

While I don’t share about everything all the time. I think it will be very unfair of me to share all the happy moments but not share my struggles.

Because at the end of the day, I want you to relate to me as much as possible.

Life hasn’t all been rainbows and butterflies at all!

If you don’t know, I work as an IT contractor. I was going to be full-time at a place where I truly loved working.  

I had already filled out the FT form. 

But Universe had some other plan for me……

I was called into the office 1 week before becoming full-time and they told me they could no longer have me at work.  

The contract they were supposed to get from the GOVT didn’t come through. Thus they had to let go of their Systems Analyst (that was Me) because of fundings.

I wasn’t even given 2 weeks notice. It was like I’m sorry and from the next day, I didn’t have a job.

I felt like I fell flat on my face. My parents were looking for a new place to buy and they were adding me as a co-signer. The only thing is now I didn’t have a job.

I don’t know why but it was a really difficult time for me. I’m usually very optimistic, but I felt like a  pure victim this time aha.

I was brought into a place where I didn’t know what I wanted to do anymore. A part of me said that forget the corporate world and build your fitness empire and help as many females as you possibly can.

It felt like a sign from the Universe.

While another side of me made me feel like a failure and a victim.

I felt responsible to get a house for my parents but now I didn’t know how. I felt torn in between not knowing what to do.

I didn’t wanna apply for jobs, I didn’t want to work on my business, nor did I want to talk to anyone. Sitting there feeling like a victim from all angles possible.

But you know what they say, God/Universe takes away something good that you have because you deserve something far greater.

While it sure as hell didn’t feel like that during that time, but I can totally see it now.

Momentum education changed my life….

I was introduced to momentum education in DC during my downtime. It’s a personal development and mindset workshop. I forever thank my friend for introducing me to them. 

Oh boy

That changed my life and perspective for good.

Through the workshop, I was able to learn that I could either pile up all the bad things that have ever happened to me and prove to myself that bad things always happen to me thus stay as a victim of the situations.


I could realize all  things I learned from that experience and what I can do differently in the future to not repeat the same pattern.

The CHOICE was mine…….

I can’t always control the situation but I CAN always control how I CHOOSE to react/feel about the situation.

This right here has changed so many things for me.

The basic workshop wasn’t enough to fuel my soul so I attended an Advance workshop (training) and it’s been one of the best experience of my life.

From there I was able to identify I had to BE who I want to be first to DO what I need to do to HAVE what I want to have.

Up until this point, I always used to think that I have to DO millions of things and always be busy to HAVE a full-time business then only I’ll BE successful.  

I was teaching everyone they had to come from a place of care and self-love if they want to become better version of themselves, but I wasn’t really applying that to myself when it came to my business or my career.

This was an eye-opening moment for me.

Now I know this, life has turned 180 degrees. I was able to find a much better job that I truly love ( because I still wanna support my parents to get the dang house lol) and also pivot my business because I had learned to be enough/successful within even my outside didn’t reflect that.

I’m sharing this with you because I want you to realize that you also have the power to chose no matter what the circumstances might be. And you have this choice at your finger tip all day every day.

Even if someone calls you rude names or makes ugly comments you still have the power to chose how you want to feel.

Do you want to believe that person and feel bad about yourself or do you want to let go and feel awesome about yourself?

At the end of the day, the choice is yours……

I want you to remember to treasure yourself and your health.  Go from a place of gratitude to become a better version of yourself, not from a place of lack and not enough.

If you try to become better from a place of lack then you will always be trying. Just like I was always trying to be successful for as long as I can remember and no matter what I achieved it wasn’t enough.

Now I have learned this I already feel successful from within me so no matter what happens outside will not change this feeling.

I can’t tell you how amazing these workshops were. I have shifted so much that I have signed up my cousin and my sister for it as well because I want them to have the exact same experience as I did.

If you are in DC metropolitan area I recommend you joining one of them as well. I promise it will help you shift in a positive way.

Alright love,

This is it for today. I wanted to let you in my life little more so you see that we are all the same from within and none of us have it all together <3.



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