Why losing weight will not make you Happy

Are you telling yourself that you will feel beautiful after you lose 20lb? You will feel confident after you fit in the size 2 pants? If so then you need to hear this. Losing that extra weight will not make you happy or confident if you don’t have that in you currently.

As contradictory as this might sound it’s something that’s super important to talk about but nobody does.

While losing weight is super important.  Being healthy is super important and I preach on this daily. I want you to remember the one thing this isn’t going to bring for you is self-love and happiness. You need to already be happy and love yourself when you are marching on this weight loss journey.

I have experienced this first hand. I started my weight loss journey because I wanted to be healthy and lose weight. That soon became an obsession for me. No matter how much weight I lost,  no matter how many hours of exercise I did, it was not enough.

Nothing was ever enough for me.

No matter what goals I achieved there was always more to achieve. While this can be great if it comes from positive mentality, but if it’s coming from negative mindset, then it will kill you.

Losing 20lb wasn’t enough. Being skinny wasn’t enough.

Neither was fitting into size 0 pants.

I always saw myself bigger than I really was. It took me a long time to realize that if I didn’t love me for who I was I was never going to love myself for who I become.  I had to faint in my apartment to realize this.

I don’t want you to go through the same thing I did.  So no matter what your goals are, always come from a place where you love yourself enough to make the changes necessary for you.

Would you rather lose weight and appreciate yourself for all the achievement or would you rather lose weight and never feel like you have achieved enough?

I want you to be able to appreciate yourself for all the hard work you have put so start embracing yourself from now on.

Not sure where to start?

I have provided one of my best tips for you to start embracing yourself right at this moment.

Every day and night start looking yourself in the mirror and let yourself feel what comes for you.

Then from there tell yourself I love you. Allow yourself to feel what you feel by saying that. Then tell yourself I love you what can I do for you.

This will help you transition from a person who doesn’t embrace herself into someone who is progressing to be better.

I use this affirmation daily to make sure no matter what task I’ll work on today and what the outcome might be. I’ll always love myself for the work I have put in.

If you need more self-love support then I have created a self-love mastery workbook which will guide you through your negative thought process and turn that into a positive one. It will help you identify where the problem lies in terms of a body part and help you flip that so you love yourself in the process of becoming a healthier version of you.
If you end up using these affirmations and the self-love mastery workbook then I would love to know what you think.