2 Major side effects of simple sugar but don’t give up your love for ice-cream!

Like what you are seeing here?

little boy eating ice-cream

If you are anything like me, you love sweet treats filled with sugar especially ice-cream. As a child, I remember running around asking for my parents to buy me one every time the ice-cream truck came by our neighborhood. I used to roll around the floor and cry until they give up and buy me one. Does this sound familiar to you? Maybe, just maybe, you used to do the same thing as a child.

If this is the case, then you and I both have this love for ice-cream embedded in our heart and soul. Eating ice-cream on a daily basis was regular back then but not anymore.

Our hormones have changed now….

thus, what we used to do as a child no longer applies. Lifestyle as an adult vs lifestyle as a child is completely different. We live a lifestyle where most of us work from our cubicles. We rarely ever get enough walking in or go to the gym to workout, let alone running around the whole day playing.  With rarely enough activities to keep us moving, if we add too much sugar in our blood stream, the body doesn’t utilize it, and stores it as fat.

2 Major Side effects of high sugar consumptions

1. Sugar Causes Weight gain

Sugar makes you crave for more sugary stuff.

Sugar makes you crave for more sugary stuff.

Too much, added sugar in our diet is very unhealthy.  According to Washington post, in an average, us Americans consume as much as 126g of sugar per day. This leads to major weight gain because added sugar not only contains glucose but also contains fructose.

since we are already loaded with lots of glucose that our body is trying to metabolize and use it as energy, the liver turns extra fructose into fat and stores it.  Did you also know that we only need a specific amount of glucose in our body but we consume way more than required?

Let’s begin by saying, process sugar is not necessary at all for our body to function well. You ask why? This is because we get glucose from other sources of food such as carbohydrates and proteins. Carbohydrates are made from small tiny particles called glucose and sucrose. Therefore, when carbohydrates enter our body, it turns into sugar (glucose) for energy.

Now you know, we get plenty of glucose from our source of carbohydrates.  If we consume sugar on top of this, then it will just be stored as fat leading to massive weight gain and obesity.

2. You Become Insulin Resistance

Insulin resistance

Insulin resistance causes diabetes

As sugar turns into glucose, our pancreas secrete insulin for them to bind and be taken into cells from our bloodstream. But with so much sugar consumption, our body becomes resistance to insulin. In another word, the body doesn’t get signals that enough insulin is being produced, so pancreas produces more insulin.

I know this is all confusing so think about it this way. When someone takes pre-workout (the gym junkie talking about pre-workout here because I can’t think of anything else better haha….) for the first time, they feel all the pump to go take on the world. If they continue to take it every time they start working out, they become immune to it. Therefore, they will have to take more and more of it to get the same effect as they got when they took it for the first time.

Now does this make sense? Exactly the same concept applies to our insulin production.

As we consume more simple carbohydrates (which turns into sugar), our pancreas produces more insulin to bind them. The main problem comes when the body doesn’t recognize there is enough insulin being produced thus it keeps on producing more.

What shall a body to do with extra insulin floating around everywhere?

let‘s turn all the excessive sugar/glucose floating around in our body into fat and store them……

And to make the situation even worse, pancreas eventually stop producing insulin because they just get too exhausted and broken down. This is the main reason for type 2 diabetes.

This is why type 2 diabetes patients are given insulin to bring their blood sugar level down.

You may ask so why is this bad?

Even though my body isn’t producing insulin, I get to inject it to bring the blood sugar down so there shouldn’t be any problem here right? Nope, this is extremely bad because insulin is our body’s fat storing hormone.  When you and I are being overfilled with insulin our body is just storing glucose as excessive fat rather than using them as a source of energy. This is the very reason we have massive weight gain problem.

These two are the top examples that came to my mind…

There are many other issues with sugar consumption that I don’t want to get into right now because I don’t want to overwhelm you. These two examples should be enough to get you on the road to avoiding refined sugar. Are you thinking about avoiding them now?

I hope sooooo!!

Do I completely avoid my love for ice-cream then?


ache-19005_640That’s completely not what I meant. I would be so sad if I had to do that! It’s all about balance. We got to enjoy life as well. For that, I do indulge sometimes. Just remember to always make the best choice out of the situation.

You can eat the ice-cream you love, but eat it in moderation and in a smaller serving. This way you can continue to live a healthier lifestyle and won’t go back to your old habits.

Swap bad ingredients with supper and nutrients-filled ingredients to make the same product.

I’m going to be as real with you as possible because I want you to accomplish all your health goals. Truth to be told, I go out to eat ice-cream sometimes, sometimes I eat frozen yogurt, and sometimes I just make them at home. This is because it’s not a quick fix, rather it’s a lifestyle change.

Most of the time I make ice-cream at home, so here is one of my favorite recipes. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do and feel better at the same time.

2 ingredients ice cream (love)

ready? legoooo


  1. One medium banana
  2. One medium ripe avocado
  3. 1/4th cup of  almond milk (optional) I know I said 2 ingredients so you don’t have to put almond milk if you don’t want to hah, but if the banana is not fully ripe, then you might want to consider 😀


  1. Put all the ingredients into a blender and blend it away until forms smooth texture
  2. Put it in the freezer for 10 min then enjoy
Avocado banana ice cream <3

Avocado banana ice cream <3

Makes 3 servings and you get your good source of fat and lots of other nutrients along with satisfying your sweet tooth.

Share it with your friends because I know they love to want to get healthy along with you.

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Plus don’t forget to drink enough water in a day to keep yourself hydrated and away from toxins.

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